Studio MTA

The StudioMTA Promotions Talent Agency Actors & Musicians

The Studio MTA is a full service Talent Agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee with a satellite office in Atlanta, Ga. The Studio represents the client in the Industry as Actors, Children and Famlies in the areas of Film/Television, Print, Voice Over's, Industrial Video, Promotions, Commercials, Musicians, Singers, Bands,Comedians, Stage, Theatre, Dancers and Special Events. As we watch them excel in the Performing Arts.

The Studio made the decision in the Industry going back to the "Old School " ways in this Agency. With no up front fee's, free to join the Agency, no conventions etc. & free web sites as we work for the client. The Agency has acquired strong Industry contacts, taking clients to those contacts. We work for the client, getting paid when the client is paid.

"My Journey" It is mine and the lives I can touch, the legacy I can leave and the journey I can change better for the Industry. I have been active since 1970’s from NY, Atlanta, Nashville, Eastern Tennessee in the TV & Film Industry. Now is a time in my life to give back to others in my walks of life..

"Working hard for something hard we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion"

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