Sharon Brooks

Sharon Brooks is an incredibly talented, award winning Female Vocalist from Nebraska.

Born Sharon Kay Rogers on February 7, 1964 in Grand Island, Nebraska to Frank & Claire Rogers. Sharon is the youngest of 5 children.

Sharon graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1982. Graduated from Beauty School of Expertise in 1983, and married Terry Brooks in 1983, and in 1984 Sharon and her husband Terry began to have their family.

Sharon has won various notable awards as Female Vocalist of the year in 2001 & 2002 in Nashville and Texas, and various International awards on her cd past projects.

Her songs have been highly competitive in the Country Music Market all over the world.

Just Listen to Sharon Brooks sing her songs as only she can do. Her unique sound & style, and her delivery of a song will draw you right in and keep you wanting to hear more!!!

From an early age Sharon's love of music, and her natural and unique talent and ability for delivering a song was obvious to her friends & family members around and far away. While growing up Sharon enjoyed the freedom of every opportunity, she had to express herself through her music and continues to do so today.

Sharon has taken every opportunity and is quite proud of her accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be. While growing up, her involvement in Glee Club, School plays, Talent Nights, Drama Club, and private voice lessons helped pacify the urge to sing and perform. However, she longed to do something even more special with her God given talents.

Sharon recants on some of her fondest memories of growing up which involved summer visits to Oklahoma where she and her family would visit Uncles and Aunts & their families and sing along with all of them who loved to play piano, guitar, and banjo. "I enjoyed this so much, and I don't think the adults all realized just how much I did enjoy it, or what kind of impression they made on".

Sharon never lost sight of her goals in the music profession, and she bites on every opportunity to express herself through a good Country Song.

Sharon has come a long way since her chance meeting with a talent scout visiting the Nebraska CMA who put her in direct touch in 1999 with Keith Bradford, Owner of KMA Records.

In 2000 Sharon released her a 10-song debut album titled KMA Presents Sharon Brooks. This debut album did quite well on the charts and perked a lot of attention, it eventually peaked at #4 on the Top 300 chart before declining but is still being played by many DJs to date. Songs released like I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart, a Patsy Montanna classic, gave Sharon the Nickname of Nebraska's Yodeling Sweetheart, a nickname she carries to this day. Blanket on the Ground a Roger Bowling song recorded by Billy Jo Spears years earlier were among the songs released that gained lots of airplay & attention from DJs who began to wonder who Sharon Brooks was. Fans all over have also showed their acceptance to Sharon Brooks with her unique style of bringing the best out in a good country song, she made these songs brand new all over again.

In 2002, Sharon released a second album on KMA Records Titled, lye Been There Too. this CD did well on many charts as well.

Now Sharon is back with a new group of songs and is rallying, and very hopeful to reach as many dj's as she can to get these new songs on the charts. She quite adamant that her songs given the chance will top many charts once more.

Sharon Brooks Awards Include:

Silver Artistic Trailblazer

Airplay International King Eagle Awards Show, year 2000.

Most Promising Female Artist-Traditional Country

Best of Texas Show, year 2000.

Female Vocalist of The Year- Traditional Country, Golden Note Division 2001

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