Billy Wright

A native of Rockwood, Tennessee, Billy began his love for music when he bought his first guitar at the age of seven. Still after moving from the rural South to Maryland as a teenager, his country music roots did not falter. He has written 142 songs recorded & produced 13 albums with his own live band. He is now Working on album 14! He also became a very successful square dance caller. His roots beckoned him back to Rockwood in 1979 where he continued to sing and play. He has written several songs; three of them are on two of his CDs: “Little White Shack,” “Back To My Senses,” and “Just A Dream.” Billy has one son and five grandchildren.

If you feel like you have the potential to become a Country Music Star, I'd like for you to feel free to talk to me about recording some of the original songs I have written.

I can be reached by emailing me at

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